Who We Are

We come from the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, too. We know that healthcare costs are on the rise and we know that our current healthcare system is unsustainable.  Cost-saving options and new approaches are needed now more than ever before. But better solutions can be hard to find and even harder to develop.

Let us do the research and the leg work for you - to deliver proven products that noticeably reduce your organization's impact on the environment- while saving you money in the process.

GHS is the product commercial-sales contracting division of The Hali Group, LLC (THG) that enables efficient and targeted distribution of specialized healthcare equipment, products and systems approved for distribution in American healthcare markets.

Our Product Criteria

  1. Our products…

    1. Improve currently used systems/processes OR

    2. Serve underserved population OR

    3. Address an unmet needs AND

  2. Represent a cost savings to the American healthcare system.

  3. Are GREEN or have a positive impact on American energy status.

  4. Have the potential to create production/manufacturing jobs in the U.S.