Introducing the closed, fully automated system that sterilizes Regulated Medical Waste (RMW), reduces its volume by 80 %, and renders its components unrecognizable.

The patented process combines shredding and direct pressurized heated steam all in one enclosed system achieving complete sterilization of infectious materials. The final treated waste is harmless, unrecognizable, and safe for disposal, just like ordinary municipal waste.


The ECODAS SYSTEMS were designed to handle a large variety of regulated medical waste, including hospital and laboratory waste, liquid and solid medical waste, human and animal blood specimens, sharps and pathological waste, cultures and stocks, as well as any other waste listed in local, state and federal regulations as medical waste.

Given the machines’ versatility, the ECODAS SYSTEMS can provide wide usage for healthcare providers such as private and public hospitals, laboratories, large service providers, and off site treatment centers. The systems range in capacity to fit your needs.

To understand just how much money you can save per pound of waste, we will do a full evaluation for you.